IBU-ICSSH17 intends to serve as a platform for a global audience of academics, researchers, and scholars to present their research work and/or on-going research activities in the field of humanities and social sciences, as well as all interrelated disciplines. We invite all interested educators, linguists, psychologists, economists, neuroscientists, artists, PR’s,  political scientists, policy-makers, practitioners and entrepreneurs to share and improve their research, to develop business applications, to gain more knowledge of the challenges of global networking, global business and best practices.


Conference Topics

 We make a concerted effort to provide participants with opportunities to interact and seek new directions in the broad area of topics, but are not limited to:

Political Sciences, International Relations, Education, Communications, Management, Business, Economics, Philology, Psychology, Legal Studies, History, Arts.


Political Sciences

Sociological Imagination And Post-Modern Society

Social Stratification And Globalization

Political Changes In Contemporary World

Ethics And Responsibility In Politics: Global Perspectives And Balkan Interpretations

Role Of Ideology In Contemporary Political Context


International Relations

Foreign Interventionism And State Sovereignty

International Security And Sanctions Policy

Foreign Policy Analysis

International Justice And Human Rights

International Community Cooperation Against Global Terrorism



Education In Globalized World

Challenges Of The Multicultural Education

Right Based Education

Responsibilities Of Teachers In Society



Power of Strategic Communication: Public Relations and Advertising in the 21st Century

Powers of Promotion: Social and Political Impacts of Promotional Culture in 21st Century

Media and the Balkan refugee crisis (Crisis management)

Old Media-New Media:  Media in the 21st Century

Workshop on Mining Social Media: Mining for Communication Research

Mobile Communication and the myth of “The All-Powerful Mobile”

Big Data – Critiques and Alternative

The Politics and Economics of the New Media Industries

Media Performance & Democracy

Theory as Power vs. Power as Theory in Communication and Media Studies

Communicating with Machines: the Rising Power of Digital Interlocutors in Our Lives


Economics, Business and Management

Challenges of the Changing Management, Economics and Business

Change Management, Customer Relationship Management, Knowledge Management, Managing Conflicts, Managing the Organizational Structure of the Organizations

Economic Growth vs. Stabilization-Challenges of the Changing World

The Challenges of the Financial Markets and Institution in the Changing World

Public Investment Policies and Effectiveness

New Trends in Entrepreneurship and Innovations

Sustainable Economic Growth

Financial Inclusion

Digital Finance

Economic Participation by Women

Human Capital Development

Innovative Market Access



Second Language Acquisition

Current Trends In ELT

Learner Autonomy

Needs Analysis

ELT Methodology


Cultural and Intercultural Issues in ELT

The Role of L1 in EFL

The Value of Self-Reflection in EFL

Assessment in ELT

Translation and Interpretation

Curriculum and Syllabus Design

Linguistics (Studies In Morphology; Syntax, Lexicology, Pragmatics, Etc.)

History in Literature/Literary History

British Literature

American Literature

Balkan Themes in Literature

Stylistic Analyses in Literature and Language Classes

Comparative Studies in Literature

New Trends, New Names in American and British Literature

Philosophy in Literature

Literature and Culture


Turkish Language

TLT Methodoldogy – Türkçe Öğretmenliği Metodolojisi (Yöntem Bilimi)

Cultural and Intercultural Issues in TLT – Türkçe Öğretmenliğinde Kültürel ve Kültürlerarası Sorunlar

Translatiın and Interpretation in TLT – Türkçe Öğretmenliğinde Mütercim – Tercümanlık

Linguistics in TLT – Türk Dil Bilimleri ( Morfoloji, Sentaks, Leksikoloji, Pratik)

History in Literature / Literary in History – Tarihte Edebiyat / Еdebiyat Tarihi

Turkish Literary – Türk Edebiyatı

Turkish Literary in Balkan – Balkanlarda Türk Edebiyatı

Comparative Studies – Karşılaştırmalı Edebiyat



Psychology In Healthcare Systems

Psychology In Organizations

Psychologist As Ethicist

Psychotherapy Of Everyday Life

Psychological Counselling And Guidance: Emerging Issues

Psychological Counselling And Guidance: Contemporary Approaches

Psychological Counselling And Guidance At Different Educational Levels


Legal Studies

Legal Approaches Against Terrorists In The European Union Member States And EU Bodies

International Cooperation On Law Against Terrorism

Constitutional Arrangements For An Effective Democratic System



History Education in Modern World

Interculturalism in Historical Education

History & Society



Digital Art, Digital Culture, And Digital Design

Innovative Web, Web3D, And Multimedia Studies And Applications

Artworks, Performances, And Diversity In Art

Creative And Innovative Media Arts Concepts And Projects

Information Visualization In Art And Design Issues

Cultural Heritage Within The Web; Human Issues/Impacts